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Types of paper blankets
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Corporate Culture
Our factory is located in the north of beautiful yunlong lake in Xuzhou city.major products:series of high nip pressure BOM felt,series of mark-free paper making felt,series of special felt for special paper,series of chemical-treatment paper making felt,series of full chemical fibre needied paper making felt,series of dryer felt ,series of pulp felt and so on .oer enterprise attaches great importance to scientific research,advocates papermaking felt development design concept "special felt for special usage,functional refinement",insists on synchronouspaper making felt,series of fullpapermaking felt de。。
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Xuzhou Industrial Fabrics Factory was established i 1981. It's a large-scale enterprise that fixed-point products all types of papermaking felts and it also honored with the governing unit of dehydration equipment of China paper association professional committee, high-tech enterprise,and the iargest scale papermaking felt production base in China.the enterprise passed ISO9001 quality management System,ISO14001 Environment...
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